Control Savings and Comfort with Networked Lighting Controls

Now featuring a variety of advanced, multi-functional features, lighting controls have evolved beyond occupancy sensors or bi-level switching. These networked lighting controls, such as Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC), allow adjustment of zones and fixtures to match changes to room conditions or usage. In addition to increasing savings opportunities, this technology offers a multitude of non-energy benefits including enhanced tenant comfort and control.

Wireless Technology Makes for Painless Installation
Many networked lighting control systems are wireless and easy to set up and program upon installation. These fixtures can be networked throughout the facility to provide customers with maximum flexibility. As space needs or usage changes, customers can easily re-program fixtures to meet their needs. And, making set up even easier, manufacturers are now providing components with factory-programmed settings.

Smart Technology Leads to Individual-Level Comfort
Some networked lighting controls feature mobile apps or provide hand-held devices that can be used to set up the components to operate as desired. As an installer, it’s important to carefully follow set-up instructions, as it may take several iterations to get the components operating together the way they are intended. The easy-to-use software makes it possible for the owner to make changes after the installer is off the project.

Set-Up Service for Larger Projects
Large new construction projects might require a more robust system. For these, the set-up and programming are typically done from one centralized location. Because this process can be complicated, many manufacturers provide a set-up service for these systems once they are installed. Keep in mind, the cost for these systems can be higher and may require more wired components. Although typically used in larger projects, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with this technology as code may evolve to require more sophisticated controls, such as smart sensors in each installed fixture.

Integrated Intelligence is the Future
Looking ahead, systems will utilize integrated intelligence to enable light fixtures to detect what is happening and respond according to highly granular, optimized settings for deeper savings and improved tenant experience. These integrated intelligence systems will be programmable and will use learning to optimize automatically.

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