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Regional Lighting Plan Is Live!

Last week marked a milestone for regional strategic market planning. NEEA’s Regional Portfolio Advisory Committee (RPAC) unanimously approved the Commercial + Industrial Lighting Regional Strategic Market Plan, marking the completion of the first of four regional strategic market plans slated for development.

The Future of Lighting

I just participated in a BPA E3T showcase webinar, Commercial Lighting: A Ten-Year Outlook, presented by Levin Nock from BPA. It reflects his work with John Wilson and the NEEA-led group developing a commercial and industrial lighting regional strategy this summer. I found it exciting and thought-provoking.

Smart Homes for Millennials and Seniors

Sce (pronounced “say”) Pike, CEO of IOTAS, spoke at the Disruptive Technologies session of Efficiency Exchange 2015. Her vision for smart homes targets Millennials; they move around a lot, and they’re tech-savvy, like green lifestyles, and increasingly urbanized. IOTAS wants to outfit multi-family housing units with comprehensive sensors to report motion, light, temperature, humidity, and water use to a central hub that connects to IOTAS and to the occupants’ smart phones. The lights and receptacles are wirelessly controllable.

Simplify: A Mandate for Good Lighting Controls

“Simplify, simplify” advised Henry David Thoreau about 150 years ago. That enduring advice applies today to commercial lighting systems. One of my takeaways from the first day of the Efficiency Exchange 2015 is the need to simplify the adoption of lighting controls. This came up at a session on lighting run by the ever-exuberant and eloquent John Wilson, head of BPA commercial programs.

Review of “Easy” lighting controls

Here’s a new report that the Lighting Research Center produced for BPA. It’s a review of some lighting control products that claim to be “easy” to install, commission and use. This Phase 1 report is based on sales literature; Phase 2 coming in Fall 2015 will be a hands-on evaluation of 4 systems.