The T8 Lighting Project: This Is Your Light Bulb Moment

T8 tag blackIn collaboration with the Bonneville Power Administration and NEEA, we are re-launching the successful T8 Lighting Project with updated marketing materials. Due to recent developments that are making inefficient T12 lighting still available on the market, BPA will continue to offer upgrade incentives through Northwest public utilities.

When your customers move from T12 to T8 lighting, they can see as much as a 50 percent reduction in energy use and a significantly smaller energy bill. These savings are available to your customers without breaking the bank thanks to generous incentives available. To inform end users about this opportunity, BPA Program Marketing team developed a suite of marketing tools—The T8 Lighting Project —to help TAN members reach commercial end-users. The campaign will help you target commercial end-users through three key message categories: financial benefit, business benefit, and greater good. The campaign materials are designed to support your efforts in building business and informing customers about the value of upgrading to energy efficient, high performance T8 Lighting.

Every trade ally has received a starter kit of T8 materials including T8 calling cards and T8 project information kits, and more are available upon request at no charge to you. Request more kits by calling Northwest TAN at 888-205-5756 or email In addition to these materials, we have customizable communications available to download that can be branded with your utility logo and contact information including bill inserts, direct mailers, and HTML email communication templates. If you would like to order customized marketing materials with your logo and contact information added, please contact Northwest TAN for more details.

 You can also expect to receive post cards and emails from us while the program is ongoing as reminders of the great incentives available to your customers.

Download Customizable Marketing Materials

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Program Overview


Improve Quality (Retail Customers)

Increase Value (Property Owners)

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